Instagram is Planning to Put a Stop to Like and Follower Farms!

It’s a well-known fact that although Instagram, like all other Social Media apps, was created to bring the world closer and give people a chance to connect with their loved ones through the use of photos and videos, the platform has turned into a competitive space over time.
Instagram is planning to curb like farms and followers farms
The battle of likes and the race to most number of followers have taken the fun out of the media sharing platform and it looks like Instagram itself has finally taken notice of it. It was reported earlier how an update was being worked on, which would hide the like count on a user’s post. Now, if reports are believed to be true, another major step is being taken.

Renowned Social Media Code Hacker, Jane Manchun Wong recently posted a tweet, according to which Instagram is working on cracking down like and followers farms. She even attached a screenshot of the new code which is being tested for this purpose.
"Users caught sharing their login credentials to such services (to gain followers) will be require to change their passwords.", stated Instagram's back-end code. Explaining further, "Using these app goes against our [terms and conditions], and continuing to do so may result in your account being further impacted."
For those of you unaware of the terms, like and follower farms, Twitter user Justin Philip explained it in one of the comments on Wong's post. Farms are basically the groups comprising of people as well as bots who either follow an Instagram account or engage with their posts, in return of money or a like/comment/follow.

Because of these farms, it’s hard to distinguish between fake and genuine interactions. Thus, it’s a wise step, if the reports are true of these farms being put out of service.

Some people also believe that in order to restrict fake accounts, Instagram can adopt a much simpler yet effective approach. Before allowing access to the platform to any user, it should ask them to verify their e-mail or phone (which should be unique for each account). This could help in reducing clutter.

It remains to be seen when Instagram plans on rolling out this feature but the fact that it’s working on these competition reducing features is a sure sign that the company cares about what its users’ mindset should be. Here’s hoping that it makes good on its plans. As for now, you are advised not to share your login credentials with the services that farm likes and followers.

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Featured photo: Kate Torline
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