The Strange Reason Behind Why so Many Facebook Groups Are Changing Their Privacy from Closed to Secret

Within 24 hours, numerous popular groups have changed their privacy settings to “secret” since the ban of Crossover Nobody Asked for (CNAF) — the group of 500,000 members which was targeted by a collective, Indonesian Reporting Commission (IReC), who claimed that the group posted hate-speech falsely.

The IReC group had targeted several Facebook groups, as proved from the screenshots which have a complete list if targeted groups.

As the word and news spread about IReC's target, several admins and groups have changed the settings so that IReC's members can not see the option of reporting a group or page, because they think that either they will be the next target or it is better to safe themselves than feeling sorry later.

Thus, the changing of settings; however, created confusion for a lot of members who were notified by Facebook, but soon after the discovery of the leader of IReC, there was an apology from the side of leader of the collective whose complaints resulted in removing of several groups on Facebook.

As of Thursday evening, Crossovers Nobody Asked For group has been restored on Facebook.

Update: In a statement to media outlets Facebook explained that, "We removed several Groups from Facebook after detecting content that violated our policies. We since discovered that this content was posted to sabotage legitimate, non-violating Groups. We’re working to restore any Groups affected and to prevent this from happening again."
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