Facebook’s ThruPlay made default for video ad campaigns and more…

Facebook is making the option for ThruPlay default for video campaigns – the social media network announced on Thursday.

The company is also planning to remove the 10-second video view optimization option from this month. Moreover, all campaigns using the 10-second format will be paused from July 31.

Facebook introduced the ThruPlay video option in September. The aim of the feature was to optimize ad delivery to target users who are more probable of watching the entire video or at least 15 seconds of longer videos. The 10-second video option was focused on users who are more likely to watch the 10-seconds media content.
"We're always working to evolve our optimization and measurement options to help businesses succeed, and we're confident this change will help simplify the video ad buying process and drive the results businesses care about most.", explained Facebook Business team in a blog post.
After July 31, marketers would only have two options for their video campaigns – the ThruPlay (15 seconds and more) or the 2-second continuous video view format. The advertisers have time between now and July 31 to choose another option for their video ad campaign if they were previously using the 10-second option. Those who fail to choose another option would have their campaigns paused by Facebook.

However, the change is only limited to the delivery optimization and will not affect the payment terms.

The ThruPlay video campaigns are available on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. It is, however, not supported by Messenger Ads, Instagram Reach, and Frequency campaigns.

The social network aims to make the ThruPlay feature accessible and simpler for the marketers by enabling better options.

Facebook makes ThruPlay optimization default for video ads, starts phasing out 10-second view campaigns

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