People Mocking Facebook and its CEO for some the Unexpected Announcements at F8

Facebook’s F8 conference recently took place in San Jose, California where the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg made privacy the center of his talk. The subject was focused more by “the future is private” words displayed on the screen behind the Zuckerberg.

In the last few months, Facebook had been under fire time and again regarding privacy issues and controversies. One of which included a bug that uploaded the emails of some users to the company’s database.

Keeping in mind the track of Zuckerberg’s previous statements regarding privacy, many of the critics have been calling his latest tune on privacy as hypocritical.

A new feature, Secret Crush, for Facebook Dating is also announced. It will now allow users to match with their around 9 existing fiends.

This announcement is gathering much criticism online and people have been tweeting and expressing their opinion openly on it.

Featured photo: AMY OSBORNE / Getty Images
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