11 Graphic Design Trends for 2019 [infographic]

The pace of contemporary life is intense. Movements and trends in design change faster than one has time to implement them. When monochrome colors, minimalist designs, and perfect shapes become firmly established, fluid shapes, asymmetry and neon colors came to replace them at the blink of an eye.

In 2019, graphic design trends are as bold as never before. This means that designers have two options: to play it safe with old trends or make a real difference with new ones in their projects. We know you’re the later, so here are 11 graphic design trends from Depositphotos for you to explore and experiment.

Top 11 Graphic Design Trends For 2019 - infographic

Fluid shapes

Adding fluid shapes to your project is one of the solutions to make even the most discreet project look creative. Get the most out of the trend by combining fluid shapes with other 2019 trends. For instance, Versace has skillfully achieved a great result by creating the mesmerizing 3D motion of fluid shapes in their new ad. With this design, they incite curiosity and achieved making a longa lasting impression.

Retro visuals

The practice shows that fashion trends always come back and in 2019, the past trends are more than welcome once again. Whether creating a nostalgic mood in general or reinventing the 80’s or 90’s aesthetics, all options are relevant for a couple of reasons. Firstly, retro visuals evoke nostalgic emotions. Secondly, they endow your project with a unique atmosphere. Thirdly, your design simply is on trend with the visual trends of 2019. Kyiv River Port AR mosaics project is the evidence of reimagining the Soviet mosaics in contemporary manner to put a spin on old stylistic elements.

Retro visuals
Credits: Kyiv River Port mosaics / Behance

3D Design

It is not the first year when 3D design is among the leading graphic design trends. For example, in 2017 and 2018, it was popular to make monochrome 3D designs which helped establish a strong image of a particular brand. Today, 3D design is still relevant but is often paired with neon colors. If you are planning to a start digital marketing agency that focus on web development then learning and incorporating 3D designs is worth your time.

Credits: Minh Pham / Dribbble

Neon Color Shock

2019 graphic design trends say one should be bold but watch out for over-designing your project. To make your design looks trendy, here is some advice:
  • create contrast and vibration
  • make neon glow with dark backgrounds
  • or use neon backgrounds
  • do not mix more than three colors
  • be careful with readability

Credits: Luke Choice / Behance

Open composition

Flawless shapes have been appealing for every perfectionist out there. This year, audiences crave something more rebellious and unusual, meaning designers have got to break some rules. Creating a design with an open composition is one of the options to do that. Working with an open composition is a technique that adds dynamics to visuals by placing some of the objects beyond the predictable boundaries.

Credits: Caterina Bianchini Studio / Behance

Bold Type

Want to make a statement? Try the most bold type you can find.

Basically, typography is the easiest way to quickly communicate, evoke emotions and make an impact. When designing, make a comparison to writing a message to your friend or colleague. With caps, you can shout out. Capitalizing particular words, you can point out the importance. Small text is a sign of one being shy or unconfident, while asymmetrical type can share a cheerful and playful mood.

Credits: My Name is Wendy Studio / Behance


One of the ways to make sure your project is on trend is to complement it with gold or silver. However, there’s a fine line between a high-end design and a tasteless one. The design below is an example of how to make a packaging look lush and stylish. Meanwhile, a design done only in gold and silver can be relevant only if it relates to your brand identity colors.

Credits: Creatsy Official / Behnace


Open composition, fluid shapes, as well as asymmetry, are here to incite curiosity. It may seem like a lack of balance, but in fact, it is a kind of creative provocation. Using asymmetry as the main element, a designer can convey emotions and add dynamics.

Here’s a small tip: use grids to see to which extent your asymmetrical design is balanced. Make grids more frequent and check if one can observe a particular movement or a sequence of elements in relation to the overall composition.

Credits: ioannis pelelis / Behnace


In 2019, one of the most interesting movements - eclectics - is back. In brief, eclectics is a 20th-century movement, which is a mix of elements or styles with an aim to create something unique and original. It is a great opportunity to make your brand stand out from moderate stylistics or monochrome colors.

Credits: Eclectic Magazine / Behance


A couple of years ago, a raw and unfinished design could cause outrage amongst both select audiences and professionals. But this year, the world is looking towards unpolished authentic designs which one can achieve by applying the main features of brutalism:
  • ruthless forms
  • graphics
  • simplicity
  • absence of decorative elements
This trend traces to the 20th century post-war architecture movement that was determined by massive forms and constructions and paid attention to functionality rather than attractiveness.

Credits: Artem Matyushkin / Behance


With gradients, one can create an endless variety of designs. From merging two hues to using an entire rainbow spectrum of colors, one can make a design look stylish and eye catching in an instant.

To use gradients like a seasoned professional, one can not only ensure a smooth transition of colors, but also endow design with shades like in this example.

Credits: Mohamed Samir / Behance

It seems like 2019 trends are here to challenge designers and see how brave they are and how far they can push creativity. Fortune favours the brave, and this is your chance to do your best. It always starts with trying something new.

About Author: Maria Sibirtseva is a former student at the University of Arts London, MA Publishing. Currently, she is working as a copywriter at Depositphotos, she also loves reading a lot, loves to travel and explore new destinations.

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