6 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Creative

The 6 Hacks You Need To Become More CreativeCreativity is generally considered to be something that is natural. Whereas, experience says it can be invited and learned over the period of time.

At times you are put into a situation where you have no idea about what to do next. In times like these, your creativity strikes or you get familiar to it. You just need a will to work on it.

Following are the 6 effective ways to make yourself more creative.

Create a problem for yourself and step back:

When an issue raised in your mind, you automatically start thinking about its solution. Think of a problem and preferably write it on a piece of paper. Writing would kind of embed it in your mind. Work a little on it, you might not find a satisfying solution but it would activate and direct your mind to it. Then take a break from it. Your unconscious mind would automatically start finding a solution through your experience, resources and creative connections.

Water your Curiosity:

Steve Jobs said creativity is about connecting things. If a curiosity arises in your mind, spend a little time with it. Whether it is relevant or irrelevant, ponder over it. Tickle your brain and do not let it pass by. This might seem waste of time, but you will see the true value of it through your better creative version.
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Keep Record of Experience:

Whenever you read something, keep it safe with you. If you find something important, mark it. Later read it again and save it. Saving what you learned will automatically help you in one way or the other, often at situations when you least expected it. This could be even years later that you think of something you read, you can always reread it if you have the record and use it where needed.

Do Uninteresting Things:

Force yourself to do something you do not want to do. Like reading an article you are not interested in. Initially, I would look boring, but you never know when it comes handy. This would broaden your creativity level. Not every useful thing will fit in your list of interests.

Engage in Uncomfortable Conversations:

Being of part of something you find uncomfortable is a great way to learn more. Talk to people who have a different perspective than yours, this would allow you to know about lives you never lived.

Take Notes Of Sudden Thoughts:

You have no control over your sudden idea generation. You may have spent hours on something but still could not figure out the required solution. And when you were busy with another task, an idea struck your mind. Do not ignore moments like these. Ignore everything you are doing and take notes of your thoughts. Forcefully continuing working where the mind does not cooperate can lower your work efficiency and also a loss of something creative. Write it down and bring your thoughts into a flow. This will enhance your creative thinking and idea generation.
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You may not be able to reach the heights of creativity, but it is always a good idea to at least put an effort to stimulate it. Practice these steps to make the most of your creativity.

Bonus infographic: How to become a creative genius in 5 days
How to become a creative genius in 5 days [Infographic]
Infographic: Zippi | Featured Photo: iStock

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