5 Best Infographic Creation Tools Anyone Can Use

Infographics are one of the best ways for you to get information across in a manner that is easy to digest and will result in a majority of the knowledge being retained by your target audience. Some of the best infographics can be made using a few tools. These tools are as follows:

1. Microsoft Publisher/Powerpoint: Publisher (a page layout designer) is the simpler program of the two, whereas Powerpoint can help you get more detail into your infographics while still maintaining a relatively easy to use user interface that doesn’t involve too much of a learning curve.

2. Infogr.am: The proof is in the name, this program can be used by anyone due to how simple it is. The basic account is free for everyone, but if you want more services you will have to pay. These features will be worth the money you are paying though because they will really boost the overall quality of your infographics.

3. Easel.ly: With the basic package which is free of charge, you will get enough features to make as many infographics as you wish without having to worry about not having enough. The ten templates that the basic package offers are, in particular, going to be highly useful since they will give you a base upon which you can build your infographics.

4. Canva.com: If you want a service that is free but still phenomenal in the features it provides, Canva is your best bet. You can get thousands of templates that will all be completely free of charge, and a gigabyte of storage space as well for photos as well as other media types that you might need to use at a later date.

5. Piktochart.com: The main benefit of this platform is that it gives you so many images/vectors that you can work with. Good images are the key to any successful infographic, and with this service you can get those images in house rather than having to shop around for them on other platforms. The paid version of Piktochart is one of the best out there due to its versatility and simplicity.

Any of these tools are going to be highly effective at making the infographic creation process significantly more easy for you. You will be able to make plenty of infographics and will save time in the process as well.

Take a look at this infographic for more insights about above monetized tools, which comes courtesy of Infowithart.

Top-5 Free Infographic Tools for Everyone

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