Pick Your Favorite Hues from the Shutterstock 2019 Color Trends Report

Just like every year, Shutterstock released its annual creative trends report for 2019. The report reveals the top trending colors that are gaining popularity year-by-year along with colors that are favorites around the world.

The three colors that are identified as the most popular for the years 2018 and 2019 are:

· UFO Green #7fff00

· Proton Purple #8a2be2

· Plastic Pink #ff1493

According to Shutterstock, the UFO Green can work as both – for natural (like countryside) and an unnatural (like a binary code) hue. Moreover, the Proton Purple represents a “palpable positive charge” while the Plastic Pink; a sizzling color captures the electric glow of the cities at night.

In addition to the top three colors, Shutterstock – one of the leading stock photo marketplace – highlighted the local favorites of 20 countries around the world. These countries include the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Netherlands, Mexico, and India amongst several others.
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The top-favorite colors were determined by the comparison of pixel data of the images with the number of downloads from Shutterstock.

Check out the infographic below for the color trends of 2019.

2019 Color Trends – Popular Colors Around the World - infographic
Shutterstock’s 2019 Color Trends Infographic Shares Up-And-Coming Hues To Note
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