Twitter Spokesperson Revealed the Reason behind Some Users Seeing More Ads

Some of the Twitter users are unexpectedly seeing more ads than usual. To clear the air, Twitter’s spokesperson said that ad load is being tested by the company. It is trying to test how many ads can be displayed and thus as part of experiment some users are receiving more ads.

The company released a statement saying that they often test their ad experiences, sometimes its frequency or the targeted ads. Users have been asked to give their views about this experiment. Company, however, did not mention at what level they are experimenting it.

The ad load testing was initially pointed out by a few journalists and users who then tweeted about it. However, not everyone is affected by this new Twitter experiment. Showing more ads to users is dependent on multiple factors, like how an increased number of ads will impact their presence on the platform.

A few years back Twitter tried to keep some of their prominent users active and more engaged by completely removing ads. Even now some of the Twitter accounts are ad-free.

A major part of Twitter's revenue is generated from ads. From the last few years, its monthly active users are decreasing whereas the number of daily active users have improved. The reason behind increasing ads could be a way to compensate for the lowered user base.

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