Dining and Translation gets easier with Google Lens

When it comes to order food or translate foreign languages into mother tongue, Google Lens users would have no issues, especially those who have iOS and ARCore Android devices.

Google Lens’ features were announced at Google I/O last month. The features can be used via Google Assistant, Google Search app and Google Photos. Moreover, pixel cameras give the availability to use the application through camera lens, as well.

The dining feature of Lens let the users to know popular and must-try dishes of the any restaurant they go. All they have to do is to point the phone at menu, and app will show you pictures and give you information from the Google Maps profile of the restaurant. The feature also allows users to split the bill by taking its picture.

Lightweight foreign language translation feature is introduced in Google Lens, as Google Translate can understand the style and parse of the language which is needed to be translated.

These new features in Google Lens can make your outdoor dining and translation experience far more better

Usually, after an announcement, Google takes time when it comes launching a new product or service, however, the turnaround time for Lens feature is indeed impressive.

H/T: 9to5Google

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