Speed camera and limit booked seats in Google Maps

In 2013, Waze was bought by Google. Since, the search giant had made purchase of navigation software application, it was expected to have introduction of its key features in Google Maps because the reports of traffic and incident of the company was appearing in Maps, although the two companies announced to work separately. Fortunately, the expectation is now at the road to be fulfilled as the two features of Waze are introduced in the Google Maps app.

However, speed camera alert and speed limit indication are available in a few countries, currently. Speed camera is available in France, Finland, Greece, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech, Romania, Portugal, Netherlands, Indonesia, Hungary, India, Mexico, Jordan, South Africa, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, UK and a few users of US. A few of these countries have good news to use the feature of speed limit as well. These countries are US, UK, Poland and Denmark.

Google has not publicly announced the name of countries where the features are available because majority of the countries are lacking the availability. The development was sourced by online media outlets and user generated posts.

Although, the feature of speed camera is available in France, the reporter could not use it on Google Maps. Yet, they are available on Waze. It can be hoped to get these features on Maps which is not that difficult to introduce when Israeli-based company has these features.

Speed camera alerts and speed limit indication by Google Maps are expanding to more countries

Source: AndroidPolice.

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