Now you can order food through Google Searches, Maps, and Assistants

Google recently announced it was soon introducing a food delivery service that would allow users to directly place their order from Google Search, Maps, and Assistants.
Now you can use Google Search, Maps or the Assistant to order food from services like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, and ChowNow, with Zuppler and others coming soon. Look out for the “Order Online” button in Search and Maps when you search for a restaurant or type of cuisine.
However, Google has no plans to take over the delivery industry. Instead, the search engine is collaborating with several companies like DoorDash, Postmates, Slice and ChowNow,, and Support for Zuppler to enhance the feature.

The ordering model is simple. The participating restaurant on Search and Maps will feature an ‘order online’ button. Clicking on the button will place your order instantly.
"For participating restaurants, you can make your selections with just a few taps, view delivery or pickup times, and check out with Google Pay.", explained Anantica Singh Google's Senior Product Manager, in a blog post.
The new feature will also be integrated into the Assistant app. Here, you will just have to say: “Hey Google, order food from the (name of the restaurant) and Google will help you place the order.

The ‘food order’ function will be available on both – Android and iOS devices. You can also re-order your regular meal through the Google Assistant as well.

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