Important Statistics for Social Media Video Managers

If social media managers have learned one thing over the past few years, it’s that video reigns supreme when it comes to the kind of content that gets people to engage with it. However, if you have been assigned the task of handling all of the social media video content for a particular brand or company there are a couple more bits of information that you are going to need before you can start doing your job.

For starters, you need to realize that one platform in particular perform better above all others when it comes to video based content, and that is Facebook. This answer may surprise you because you might think that YouTube would be the best place for video based content, but insofar as we are talking about content for brands and getting engagement, video content that is posted on Facebook tends to get better kinds of engagement in general, that's according to a new study by Newswhip.

Native Video gets the most engagement on Facebook, with an average of nearly 1,300 engagements, as compared to 930 for photo and 320 for links.

Another bit of information that you are going to need has to do with the length of the videos that you post on social media. If you want the videos to be watched by as many people as possible you should keep the length at around two minutes because of the fact that videos at this length all comprised the top hundred list of most watched videos on Facebook all in all.

One fact that might surprise you has to do with live video. Even though a lot of people are saying that Live Video is the best way to get engagement on Facebook, the statistics don’t support this. Indeed, anyone that has been checking out the stats will know that live videos don’t get as much engagement as is required for social media success.

Other key insights from the study:

Twitter is catered towards shorter form content in general, so it is not surprising to see that the average length of video is much shorter, i.e: 35 seconds.

Love is a much more common reaction than Angry among the top videos.

132 seconds is the average length of the top 100 videos on Facebook this year.

58 percent of the top hundred videos on Facebook for the year so far contained some form of emoji.

LADbible and UNILAD are setting the pace for others to follow for video engagement on Facebook.

YouTube is all about the trailers and the influencers, with some music thrown in.

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