iMessenger encrypts data unlike others, Apple's stance

Apple is concerned about privacy, as it is seen and observed via its different advertisements in recent months. Its latest advertisement is related to privacy but this time in the form of iMessenger in which a woman is shown laughing loudly, while others in the salon don’t know the know the joke. Thus it is ended with the message that iMessenger encrypts the information of its users.

This year, Apple had made another advertisement in March in which it had the message that there should be privacy of phones too. Moreover, earlier the company had billboard advertising to show privacy features of iPhone at the time of Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest conference of technology, in Las Vegas.

However, the company and its CEO, Tim Cook, who think that digital privacy is in danger, are giving tough time to Facebook and Google, the two big names of Silicon Valley, as the two are facing complaints regarding privacy.

Last year, Google faced questions and complaints from law makers about tracking location of its users, meanwhile Facebook is connected to Cambridge Analytica scandal in which data of 50 million users was used by political data analytics firm. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg was questioned that how his company has been handling personal information of its 1.56 billion active users.

However, both the companies are taking steps to keep information private. Recently, the CEO of Facebook in F8 said that future is private while engaging with the audience.

Hence Apple says that its business model is not based on advertising like the model of Facebook and Google do; therefore, it would not use personal information of users for company’s benefit. However Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, in return had said by writing in The New York Times that the privacy of Apple can be provided to those who can afford to buy its products.

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