Facebook can be divided into two spaces by 2024, according to Mark Zuckerberg

On Wednesday, Facebook published its Q1 2019 report and during the earning call, Mark Zuckerberg answered a few questions regarding his plan of splitting Facebook into two.

Zuckerberg first expressed his intentions about the split last month in an in-depth blog post. He wants to separate Facebook into a private space (AKA living room) and a public environment (AKA town square).

How these features will be implemented is still unknown but a bold prediction would be to form an encrypted service for messaging across Facebook’s family of apps’ messaging platforms on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Revealing additional details, Zuckerberg explained (in a post on his Facebook profile) that the dividing process will be company’s main focus for the next five years or so. He also added that the company is willing to take its time while working on it and will most likely spend the first year in discussing with various experts, law enforcement and government to understand the requirements and limitations.

Furthermore, the recent data breach and privacy scandals have made the company understand the sensitivity of these issues and thus, wants to ensure that these issues don’t arise. If the company won’t be able to see the private messages, there should be some sort of tools to take care of that too.

Zuckerberg continued by saying that they might have implemented the split a few years ago and dealt with the issues as they were brought up, but given the current situation, the company intends to remain more proactive in regards to social issues and plan ahead before rolling it out to get things right.

Chief Financial Officer, David Wehner said that one of the company’s lower yet near-term priority is to enable monetization through private messaging.

Zuckerberg said that more details are yet to be announced and for that, people will have to wait for Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8.

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Facebook can be divided into two spaces by 2024, according to Mark Zuckerberg
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