Google Chrome is Working on Security Measures to Prevent Cookie Abuse

In the face of increasing litigation from the EU, Google has been attempting to tighten up security in every way. The reason that the search engine platform is trying to protect users on the internet also has to do with the fact that the internet has really become a less savory place than it used to be.

One of the most prominent ways in which malicious actors are trying to cause havoc all around the internet is by misusing cookies. The way cookies work is that they offer communication to a website that you are visiting and tells that website whether or not you are logged in by storing your details on a secure server.

Malicious actors are often known to abuse cookies to try and steal your login details, and Google Chrome’s new security features are meant to prevent this sort of security nightmare from happening. The way that this is going to be done is by tagging HTTPS sites as secure, and preventing all other sites from being labelled like this, going so far as to label them completely insecure.

This is definitely going to vastly decrease the misuse of cookies, but there is also a very good chance that older websites that use HTTP connections are no longer going to work. This is because of the fact that they are going to have to update their connections which is something that a lot of them are not going to be able to do.

Google’s ardent push for the adoption of HTTPS as a standard is considered by many to be a necessary step for the evolution of the internet.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

Hat Tip: 9to5Google.

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