Google introduces new monetization methods for Android developers

Google is bringing the “Rewarded Products” feature that will allow Android developers to generate further revenue from their applications. The new option will allow non-paying app users to contribute to the app’s revenue by sacrificing their time and not money.

The first product will be a reward video, where the users can choose to watch a video in exchange for in-game currency, virtual goods, and other benefits.

The app developers will appreciate the new feature but there is uncertainty regarding the user’s reaction and would depend on how the videos are implemented within game-play.

However, Google’s example of the rewarded product in action reveals that the videos interrupt game between levels and if this is the case, the users might not respond too well.

Additionally, users are accustomed to free games where subscription is not mandatory and might find the update daunting.

Currently, Android app developers use advertisements as a mode of monetization but the new feature will be an official Google Play product and might make monetization easy and simple for the developers.
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The Rewarded product can be added to any app using the Google Play Billing Library or AIDL interface. The implementation will require a few additional API calls but will not require an SDK – according to Google’s spokesperson.

The launch of Google’s Reward program is coinciding with Apple’s subscription program that supports substantial revenue growth for iOS app developers.

On the other hand, Android users have been more opposed to paying for apps than iOS users. In fact, Apple’s official app store has seen nearly double the revenue than Google Play – despite having far fewer downloads. This means that the Android developers may not be able to tap the subscription trend at the same scale as iOS. It will also increase the developer’s loyalty towards iOS for better revenue.

Reports by Google suggest that the Rewarded products will initially release in open beta, and is available in the Play Console for developers.

Google is introducing new features for Android developers to make money from users who won’t pay
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