Apple App Store is far ahead in sales and profits when compared to the Google Play Store, Report

It is mentioned frequently that the Apple App Store is more profitable than Google Play Store and makes twice as much money. However, it is also evident that the Google Play Store boasts a more extensive database and caters to a larger group of audience.

Apparently, the separation between the two extends beyond the basic sales.

According to app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the number of app publishers who saw their first million-dollar success in 2018 is also halved on the Play Store as compared to the App Store.
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The report by Sensor Tower reveals that around 88 publishers made their first $1 million on the Google Play Store while 164 developers achieved the same via Apple App Store.

First-time million-dollar apps on Play Store half that of Apple App Store

On the contrary, Google is leading when it comes to making faster gains. During the previous year, Apple App Store had 143 million-dollar developers whilst the Google Play Store had 71 million-dollar publishers in 2017.

Majority of the app developers earning their first million were creators of gaming apps. Lifestyle and Health categories also dominated the top apps list in 2018.

 The App Store created 164 new million-dollar publishers in 2018, twice that of Google Play

Nevertheless, both the app stores saw a great 2018. The two stores hit 113 billion combined downloads this year with $76 in spending. Let’s hope the year 2019 is also a good one for both the app stores and they see more success and bring us better offerings in the coming years too.
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