Google Assistant's Duplex is coming to your iPhones! Restaurant Reservation to be made easier than ever!

This one is for the foodies! Google announced on Wednesday that “Duplex” will soon be available on iOS devices. In case you are not familiar with Duplex, it is an AI which sounds like a human and it can call a restaurant and reserve a table for you!

Until now, Google Duplex was accessible in about 43 states around USA, only by people who owned the Pixel phones. However, according to a recent Google blog post, it will now be introduced to iPhone users as well.

Google’s Assistant Vice President, Scott Huffman, said that over the next few weeks, the feature will be slowly and steadily brought to both iOS and Android devices. In addition to that, user feedback and suggestions will also be considered.
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It is still not known exactly when this feature will be released for all iPhone devices but Google assured that it wouldn’t take much long.

Now, talking about the feature, Google Duplex is a phenomenal feature which can make a restaurant reservation on your behalf. First of all, you have to provide the restaurant name, along with the intended date and time for the reservation.

What it basically does is that it calls a restaurant and then proceeds with a conversation and gets a table (or tables) booked for you. The person on the other end of line might never even find out that they are talking to an AI as it sounds and converses like a typical human.

CNBC successfully tested out this feature a few days ago by reserving a table in a New Jersey restaurant.
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