Instagram Becomes More Business Friendly by Allowing Direct Scheduling for Videos

Building a marketing strategy is complex, time consuming work, and the fact of the matter is that most people usually don’t have the free time to continually update social media when there are so many other aspects of a marketing campaign that they would need to be managing at that particular point in time. This is why scheduling is so important, and on Instagram scheduling photos was pretty easy (with the help of third-party apps) and it could help people create a lot of hype on Instagram without having to open the app time and time again.

The only problem was that you would not be able to do this with videos, which was a huge hassle for people that needed to create video content for their marketing campaigns. What you had to do was set up some kind of alert or notification system that would basically inform you whenever it was time for you to post, after which you would have to open the app up and go through the rather tedious process of uploading something and then finally posting it.
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Instagram has recently made a change to its API that will now allow users to schedule video posts as well (though, currently it's avaible in beta program). This is going to be a huge boon for businesses looking to market themselves. The demise of Google+ has left a pretty big hole in the market that a lot companies are trying to fill, including Google themselves as they scramble to make the rest of their services more business friendly by adding features left and right.

In this war of the social media platforms it is small businesses that are benefiting the most because of the fact that they are getting so many new ways to promote themselves and the products and services they offer.

Yes! Now You Can Directly Schedule Videos on Instagram Through Third Party Tools
Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images
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