Is There a CRM for WooCommerce? Yes, Here Are the Benefits

WooCommerce is valued by ecommerce merchants all over the world for its highly-customizable format that gives sellers near-total control of their stores. Between the WooCommerce StoreApps and the multitude of third-party sellers offering apps, there are endless tools to optimize your online store.

But, the easiest way to boost your WooCommerce store’s performance is with a CRM, or customer relationship management, tool. If you just asked yourself,“is there a CRM for WooCommerce?”Then you’ll be happy to learn that yes, there is.

Ecommerce CRM gives sellers a wealth of data that helps them make better business moves. From trend tracking to customer categorization, a CRM solution will teach you about who is shopping on your site and what they want. These are the ways CRM benefits ecommerce sellers.

Extensive Data

The WooCommerce dashboard offers limited data, so it takes the usage of another tool to see how your store is performing. Within minutes of connecting your online store to a CRM, you will see all the information organized into one clean dashboard right within the CRM. It takes the guesswork out of analyzing data, and finding what you need is that much easier.

Real-Time Reporting

Is There a CRM for WooCommerce? Yes, Here Are the Benefits

Beyond having extensive data, you need to know how seasonality and trends affect your store. A CRM tracks it all in real time and presents up-to-date reports so you can adjust your plans accordingly. By knowing who is buying what, and from where, you can stay ahead of the curve with your marketing and advertising campaigns. With a CRM, you will see the most return on your investment.

Teamwork Made Possible

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from increased communication and collaboration, and a CRM makes it possible. All users get access to the data and reports generated by the CRM so teams across departments will be on the same page.

Stay on Task

You’re probably using an online service to keep track of your To Do list, but you can close that tab when you use a CRM. Stay productive with a Tasks tool that’s directly integrated into the software and keep your team focused too. You will be able to create, manage and delegate tasks all in the same place, and the CRM will keep you accountable with highly visible deadline reminders.

Notes and calendar features also allow users to add as many details as they want about tasks, customers or other information in the CRM.

Improved Customer Service

As a customer, nothing is worse when trying to resolve an issue than the endless number of transfers on a customer service call and having to explain the issue time and again. However, a CRM will give your customer service representatives a full picture of the customer’s journey as well as order histories, current order information and more. Getting the reps up to speed is instantaneous, making their lives—and your customers’ lives—easier.

Low-Cost Shipping and Hassle-Free Returns

CRM built for ecommerce accounts for the pain points of shipping costs and product returns. With premium plugins, sellers can receive discounts on shipments and implement automated returns on their sites to make them as easy as Amazon or Zappos. By going the extra mile, you’ll not only save massive amounts in shipping costs, but you’ll also have repeat customers.
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