You’ll Soon Be Able to Send Messages Through Google Maps

These days it seems like every other app out there will let you message people. Even Google Maps, it seems, is going to be getting a messaging feature soon. Plenty of people have already seen a glimpse of it which means that Google is testing the feature out and will possibly be launching it at some point in the future.

However, if you are wondering why Google would ever want to add a messaging feature to its map considering all of the problems that can end up occurring regarding texting and driving, you should know that the purpose of the messaging feature is actually a lot clearer than you would think it is. Basically, Google is adding this feature in so that you can start messaging business owners. This can be very useful if you want to ask them for directions or perhaps ask them what is on their menu. This makes the messaging feature being added here a lot like the one in Uber: purpose built and intended only for one specific purpose that it will fulfill rather efficiently.
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Google Maps is getting support for instant messages for businesses
Screenshot: Sanju2cool / Reddit

Currently, people tend to contact businesses on places like Facebook. Google is clearly trying to undo this monopoly by giving businesses as well as customers another option. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of businesses out there that need Google Maps to help people reach them. Hence, if you give people the opportunity to message each other on the same platform it will definitely end up solving a lot of problems, and could potentially end up changing the way that we find places to eat and shop.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the business you are going to will have to be using the same app for this to work.

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