YouTube is Fixing “Weird” Homepage Recommendations

YouTube is fixing homepage recommendation vieos issue after acknowledging ‘something weird is up’ in its algorithmIf you are a regular user of YouTube, you have probably realized that something is not quite right with the platform these days. This is because of the fact that the recommendations that you get on the homepage of the video streaming and social media platform were kind of… off. If you were wondering whether or not this was just in your head, YouTube itself has confirmed that something is going on and that the homepage should not be looking the way it currently does.

Basically what happened was that people starting posting to Reddit about the homepage being full of rather old videos. And when we say old, we really do mean old. These videos were about half a decade or so old. Apart from these pretty much ancient videos you have gaming livestreams showing up which is a strange thing to be looking at in your homepage YouTube recommendations especially if you are not the sort of person that follows gaming live streaming of any kind.

YouTube fixes "weird" recommendations on its homepage
Screenshot: Reddit / Karbairusa

YouTube is apparently implementing a fix according to a response that they posted to the thread on Reddit on which this issue was being discussed. The video streaming platform did not give any information about what exactly caused the bug but did say that the issue had been resolved and that anyone still facing the issue should reply to the thread.
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YouTube has not exactly received a lot of praise for its recommendation engine because of the fact that it often ends up suggesting random and completely unrelated videos based on how many views they have or some other marker of virality. No one really appreciates the crappy recommendation engine because of this fact, and problems like this are not going to make the engine any more popular than it currently is.
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