Google's Project Soli Revived By Recent FCC Approval

Gesture tech isn't dead, Google's Project Soli gets new FCC approval. The project has the potential to enable smartwatches and smartphones to detect hand gestures, if it ever launches.If you checked out Google I/O 2015, you were probably blown away much like everyone else was by Project Soli. Project Soli basically involved the Soli radar chip which could make hardware respond to the motions of your fingers. This is an incredibly cool upgrade to the technology that we currently have, reminiscent of many sci-fi movies that people tend to watch. However, after being displayed quite prominently during that particular event, Project Soli was never really talked about again.

This is a common occurrence for Google, as the people at the company frequently showcase cool projects they are working on ostensibly in an attempt to maintain high visibility of the brand as a boundary pusher rather than an attempt to capture any kind of legitimate market. People assumed that Project Soli was dead in the water, a failed experiment. However, recent revelations make it seem like this might not be the case after all.
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It turns out that the reason that Project Soli wasn’t being discussed anymore is because of the fact that it failed to gain FCC approval. The Soli radar chip uses a field disturbance sensor which emits signals that could potentially interfere with nearby radar sensors. This made it dangerous for planes and other such machines. However, the FCC has finally granted Google approval to continue working on the project, ostensibly because of the reason that this technology could greatly benefit the American people and the pros outweigh the cons.

This technology could potentially be a game changer, one that could fundamentally alter the way we interact with technology. The more time that passes by, the closer we end up getting to that fabled future where everything looks like it has come right out of a sci-fi movie!

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