39 Surprising Facts About The World’s Favourite Brands (From Tech, Entertainment, Business and Other Industries)

We live in a day and age where everything is dictated by consumer culture. Consumers can attain the absolute pinnacle of comfort by buying the right products from the right companies. However, the average consumer is rather uninformed about the companies that they buy from. In a lot of ways this is because of the fact that certain companies and brands intentionally hide their activities from a lot of their customers, but there is also the fact that certain companies have a few quirks in the way they operate that are actually rather endearing.

It is important for consumers to learn about the corporations that they are buying from, both because of the fact that this will help them make educated decisions about what companies to avoid and which ones to promote and also because it’s just a lot of fun to be able to think about big, almost intimidating corporations in this manner. For example, did you know that Starbuck’s created their iconic round shaped tables because it helps you feel less isolated if you’re sitting alone? And that Apple's iPad retina display is manufactured by their leading competitor, Samsung. These are just two of the dozens of facts you are going to see in the infographic featured below!
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Thought you knew everything about your favourite brands? Think again! Here are 39 things you didn’t know about some of your favourite brands, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Coca-Cola, KFC, and many more:
Graphic Courtesy of: Silverdoorapartments.

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