Top Ten Future Technologies That will Revolutionize The World (infographic)

From the past one decade leapfrog in technological advancement totally revolutionize the world. In early 2000, no one was considering that technology come to this level in just no matter of time.

The advancement was so rapid that the technology giants like Nokia who ruled more than one decade went into ashes by not keeping up the pace with the changes.

For that reason, curiosity among the stakeholders increased that how it will change over in the next ten years. Therefore, we have shared the list of technologies on the bases of the current emerging technologies that might revolutionize the world in the coming future.

These technologies will totally transform the future dynamics of the business, though some are the serious threat to future jobs. In my opinion, the machine will assist human in decision-making unlike now in the shape of smart robots, autonomous cars and hence in each and every electronic product.

After that, the advancement in mobile speed will improve incredible there is no doubt in present decay the speed of internet made remarkable progress. Virtual currency, also known as cryptocurrency will be the next dominant currency of the world replacing dollars.

The infographic below from Salesforce delineates the 10 technologies of the next decade.

Top Ten Future Technologies That will Revolutionize The World (infographic)
Key Takeaway:

According to the visual these are the 8 disruptive technologies of the near future:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI, machine learning, Neuro-linguistic programming)
2. Internet of things (IoT)
3. Smart Robotics
4. 3D Printing
5. Autonomous Cars
6. Mobile Internet
7. Blockchain (cryptocurrency)
8. Mixed reality (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality)
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