Top Ten Effective Internet Traffic Generation Tactics

image: Top Ten Amazing and Effective Web Traffic Generation Tactics
As an internet marketer you always looking for ways to find the right audience for your content. Fortunately, there are so many online tools that can fulfill the requirements of website traffic generation, have a look on below infographic that will illustrate top 10 effective internet traffic generation tactics.
Understanding effective internet marketing is simple like ABC; it consists of terribly real strategies and results-oriented solutions.

Organic search engine optimization

Organic SEO includes developing the planning documents, keywords reports, keyword density strategies, article and directory submission recommendations ,and other supporting collateral for the business owner's long term organic optimization efforts. You may like : How Google ranks website - 200 Google ranking factors.

Google CPC campaign management

Google AdWords has proven to be one of the most effective ways of driving highly targeted traffic to any page of your choosing. Plus, most people don't realize that the better you manage a campaign, the lower your actual CPC costs will become! By not knowing this, most business owners literally throw away a lot of money every month. Read a complete Google AdWords guide.

Keyword rich landing pages

We've found this strategy to be highly effective in driving highly targeted traffic yo your website or blog. This is great for brand positioning and getting leads, but know that it won't immediately drive a huge amount of volume. Fortunately, this strategy will get you positioned in future markets and capture new opportunities going forward. Also visit keywords research guide.

Video marketing

With tools like Traffic Geyser, and Pixel Pipe, we can get videos listed in the search engines for long tail keywords and no occasion primary keyword phrases. If we syndicate at least one or two ideas a week, over time this will become a very powerful traffic generation and credibility-building tactic. See also how to optimize video for search engine.

Google places and yahoo! local

A lot of businesses don't know that Google and Yahoo! have their own local directory services, but simply adding your business to these directories can almost instantly help position your business as an industry expert and drive targeted local traffic into your marketing channels.

Automated sales funnels

After gathering recruits (leads) into your sales funnel, you'll show them the ropes of your industry with informative articles and videos that can be viewed 24/7. After seeing the truth of your cause, they'll gradually warm to expertise, leading to informed, impressed customers and a system that rakes in prospects around the clock!

The virtual handshake

A virtual handshake is simply a recording of yourself that welcomes visitors into your camp and puts a human face on the entire operation. The diplomatic touch can never hurt while on the march, and conversions are sure to follow.

Testing and tracking tools

There's hardly anything more Guerrilla than testing and tracking. Seriously. One of the most best parts of the Guerrilla marketing path is learning from your mistakes, getting rid of useless equipment, and embracing what works. It's a simple philosophy that requires sorting through complex data in the digital age. Fortunately this is made easier by or inexpensive analysis tools like: Google Analytics, the Google AdWords keyword tool, Raven Tools, CrazyEgg and more!


Everyone loves a good gift, especially when this gift just so happens to be free! Greasing your visitors palms with a cheap-to-produce info product like a white paper, automated sales funnel, info DVD, infographic, or the like can quickly convince prospects of your good will.

Viral marketing

One of the most effective and deadly tactics of all. recording marketing entertainment - basically videos than promote your brand in some small way while amusing viewers and even sparking laughter - can make the buzz around your business irresistible and impossible NOT to spread. Sounds rather infectious, no?

Pass it on and Enjoy!

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