10 Proven Ways of Increasing Blog Traffic

Making a blog is quite simple but what is difficult at this moment is to attract traffic toward blog since there is a tough competition among the blogs. However, I’m going to ease the process of blog marketing with the explanation of 10 simple yet effective methods. Before I start explaining these methods, I would like to tell you that I have tried all these methods for the promotion for my own locksmith blog and trust me I find positive change in the visitors after trying all these tricks.

1. One article a day, Enjoy customer’s Long stay

If you want to attract the attention of customer toward your blog then you
must update it on daily basis. I often observe that people don’t keep
their blog alive and therefore, they are unable to enjoy constant traffic.
One important thing to note at this point, you should update blog with
useful and quality posts. Don’t spam your blog with useless or technical
details; come with something interesting and entertaining.

2. Turn Facebook into Attractive Display

Many people create Facebook page but what they don’t do is to add x-factor
into it. This will be created with the help of attractive videos and images.
Get help from multimedia and create some interesting and eye-catching
images. Today, you are blessed with Smartphone that allows you to capture
and to share images instantly. Don’t need to use available images of web.
Be creative and bring some new images. This trick is quite useful since
whenever locksmiths of my company create a new key or lock, I update their
photos on the web just to gain the attention of prospective visitors.

3. Expand Circle on Google Plus

Google Plus is indeed one of those social platforms with the mean of which
you can grab the attention of thousands of visitors. You first need to
create your personal account on Google+ and then to create a business page.
In this manner, you will be able to invite all your friends and other people
at your blog page. I know that this platform has some bugs but it doesn’t
mean that you don’t need to use it. It’s time to design an astonishing
page and then to invite like-minded people for review.

4. Join LinkedIn Group

Thanks to LinkedIn Group feature, you are in a position to introduce your
blog to thousands of customers in a matter of seconds. Select a technology,
health, locksmithing or your niche blog and start sharing posts there.
Comment on other posts so that they can attract toward your posts, either.

5. Forum Posting and Commenting

No doubt, you can enhance blog traffic to a great extent with the mean of
forum posting and commenting. Nevertheless, you need to use this method in a
rational manner. There is no need to spam any forum otherwise moderators
will take no time to kick you out. Comment only when you have clear idea
about the main topic. Otherwise you can start some general topics. There is
no need to become a member of all forums. You need to select only best
forums and then to update them on weekly basis (daily forum updating is not
advisable from my side).

6. Throw a Twitter Party

I’m sure that you have made twitter account but what you may not try is
Twitter Party. It’s a remarkable feature that is available for every
Twitter user. You can arrange an online event of your business via Twitter.
Arranging this event is quite simple but you need to concentrate more on its
content. Whether you are going to announce new service or new product,
it’s essential that visitors get excited from this party. In case you
don’t have any idea of this party, you can check more information on the

7. Go for Social Bookmarking

There are a number of social bookmarking sites on the web, try to find a few
high PR sites and then to start bookmarking. It’s advisable to bookmark
one post per day, don’t try to spam any website. The most famous sites are
Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. When you become a member of these sites,
you should not only to share your posts but also to follow other people’s
posts. I have also tried this trick and believe me many members start
following my locksmith blog after this.

8. Be a Guest Blogger

Select high quality blogs related to your niche and start submitting
informative posts for quality backlinks. This method demands your time and
effort but once you do it well, you will be able to see exciting results.
Though there are a number of blogs which are accepting guest posts but you should
focus only on best one. Check Google page rank checker tool for checking pr of site.
You should also search posts of blog through search engines just to get an idea
whether search engine index them or not.

9. Blog Commenting

Choose some do-follow blogs and leave interesting comments. Again you should
try to pick the best blogs for commenting. This will help to boost your Alexa ranking and SEO.

10. Email Marketing

You should share informative posts with all email contacts. There is no need
to send emails to unknown people as you email might be marked spam by them.
In addition, provide little description and link of your website in the
status of Google talk. Your friends will definitely like to check your
website while talking to you.

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I have explained top 10 blog promotional tips which I have tried. Now
it’s your turn to try any of these methods and to see the results. Feel free to comment, I wouldn't charge.

Author Bio:
Marry Jojo is an experienced author and blogger. She manages different blogs and therefore, she has enough idea about blog promotion tricks. She is also a contributing author of locksmith in Kirkland WA blog.


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