How To Tighten Your WordPress Blog Security

image : How To Tighten Your WordPress Blog Security

It is a fact that about 17% of the websites all across the world and over the internet are powered by the most popular (CMS) content management system-WordPress. But even inspite of the popularity and widespread usage of this CMS, there is no denying of the fact that there are many safety and security concerns related to WordPress.

WordPress is very vulnerable to network breaches, password safety threats, breaches in logging, plug-ins, database security, file permissions etc and hence it is important for the website developers and owners to take special care of avoiding these security attacks. The popularity of WordPress is what makes it so vulnerable to these kinds of attacks and usually, the older versions are targeted by hackers due to lack of patches and updates. There are a total of 505 vulnerabilities associated with WordPress and most of these are a result of the fact that WordPress users don’t take the security issue very seriously.
Below infographic guide will illustrates some best ways to harden your WordPress site security.

Large infographic : How To Tighten Your WordPress Blog Security
Safety and security of WordPress blog
Extra Large infographic : How To Harden Your WordPress Site's Security
infographic by : WordPress Templates
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