Best Google AdWords Guide For Small Business

Paid search advertising can great for small businesses because unlike other forms of advertising, there is no minimum spend. It can fit your available budget and you're in complete control of your advertising. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to setup and run your Google AdWords account.
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1. How to prepare your campaign

Know your objectives
An Introduction to PPC Planning
How to Prepare for Using Adwords

Install Google analytic
Google Analytics Installation Guide

Intro to Google Adwords
Adwords Overview

Anatomy of an adwards account
Adwords Account Structure
Adwords Optimisation Tips: Account Structure

Calculate maximum bids
How to Calculate Your Max Bid Price

Keyword research
Maximising Your Keyword Research
How to Build Your Basic Keyword List
How to Create a PPC Keyword List
Priceless Keyword Research

Keyword match types
Using Keyword Matching Options
Improving Exact Match and Phrase Match

Negative keywords
How to Research Negative Keywords

2. Set up your account

Signup for Adwords, leave your billing information at this stage
Sign Up Now

Create your new campaign
Select Campaign Settings

Create ad groups
Enter Ad Group Details

Account structure
New AdGroup or New Campaign?

Write your ads
Ad Writing Tips for a New Account
How to Write Killer AdWords Ads
Treating your Ads like a Mini Landing Page

Landing pages
To Deep-Link or Not to Deep-Link?

Links to Google analytic and apply cost data
Linking Analytics and AdWords Accounts
Working with Cost Data

3. Optimize your account

Quality score
Unraveling Google's New Quality Score
The Ultimate Guide to Quality Score

Improving landing pages
Landing pages for PPC
How to Build Landing Pages that Work
Identifying Poor Landing Pages
6 Essential Landing Page Optimisations

Search quality reports
Advanced Search Query Mining

Improve click-through rate (CTR)
How to Increase your PPC Click Through Rate

Lower your minimum bids
How to Lower your Minimum Bid

Ad extensions
Why You Must Use Ad Extensions
Social Signals for AdWords

More optimization tips
8 PPC Spring Cleaning Necessities
Google Insights for PPC
Intelligent Adwords Management
5 Common Optimisation Mistakes

Display advertising
The Definitive Guide to AdWords Display Targeting

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