WhatsApp Launches New Transcription Feature For Voice Messages As It Gears Up For Revolutionary AI Live Translate For Samsung Galaxy Users

Popular texting platform WhatsApp is on a roll in terms of giving users the utmost convenience when it comes to using the app and connecting with others around the globe.

For starters, the app’s latest update which is rolling out as we speak will allow users to transcribe voice messages. This means you no longer have to sit down and hear those long and complex audio notes that were left by loved ones, colleagues, or close friends.

Simply activate the feature and you’ll receive a transcript that you can read (or ask a personalized AI chatbot to read it for you in another language) at your own sweet time and pace. In case you didn't know, the feature has been talked about and anticipated a lot in the past and now that it’s rolling out, people are excited!

This innovative offering is being tested with a limited number of beta users as we speak but a massive rollout is expected very soon so you might want to stay tuned for the launch of the newest transcription functionality.

The company says the purpose is to add convenience to users’ lives while ensuring user privacy and security are maintained at all times. Furthermore, the transcripts are generated directly on the user’s mobile phone so outsiders cannot hear the voice notes or read the transcripts produced which may have been a serious concern for some before.
For now, users would be given a limited set of languages to choose from including English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian but more languages will soon arrive as the app plans to add support for them.

The feature is also being praised because of how much convenience it could give to those with hearing impairments as they can read the transcripts instead of listening to the audio which was never possible before.

As per WBI, the offering is slowly but surely rolling out to those with the latest app version in the upcoming few weeks so stay tuned!

In other news, Samsung Galaxy users can celebrate as the app is working on a breakthrough AI-based translate feature. This rollout will really set the stage for a gaming-changing endeavor that enables quick translations for texts in different languages, alongside calls taken in real-time.

We first heard about the massive hype surrounding this feature when Samsung rolled out Galaxy AI this year with revolutionary offerings. Interestingly, the feature is already present for the phone’s regular apps but it mentioned how third-party platforms would attain this soon.

Now, WhatsApp has confirmed that AI Live Translate is coming to users soon as it’s one of the first in line to benefit from the popular and useful capability.

Posts on X from tech creators and experts are speaking about the feature getting powered by Galaxy AI for real-time translations on the WhatsApp platform. However, there is yet to be any word on when we can anticipate the rollout as tech giant Samsung has yet to go public with an official comment on the expected timeline.

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