Global PC Shipments Rise 3% Thanks To AI As Apple Leads The Way With Biggest Growth Amongst Tech Rivals

The global shipments for PCs have risen by 3% in the second quarter of 2024 as revealed by new stats from research giant IDC recently.

The news comes amid a growing trend in AI usage while Mac creator Apple was said to witness the greatest growth among PC giants around the world.

The report displays how the shipments hit the 64.9M units mark in three months, making it the second quarter in a row to get this much positive growth, after a consecutive decline.

As per reports from the IDC, the shipments from Apple rose by 20.8% during Q2 of 2023 which is the most witnessed by any other rival in the market. The Acer Group came in second with a 13.7% gain.

The PC market is said to witness a rebound from a fall in orders after the post-pandemic era. We saw many purchasing PCs during the pandemic as most offices switched to remote working conditions, giving the global shipment for PCs a massive boost.

Top experts at the IDC mentioned how two back-to-back quarters featuring growth is what the market needed, combined with the increased trends in AI and a commercial refresh.

There’s a lot of buzz linked to AI but that does not mean it’s the only factor leading to more PC purchasing today as the non-AI PC market still goes strong and continues to display positivity as we speak.

On the other hand, the market still seems to be holding back thanks to weak results witnessed in China. While the latter didn’t see too much positivity in PC demand, other global markets for PCs showed promising results as shipments continued to rise by more than 5% each quarter YoY.

The greatest market share belongs to the Lenovo group from China whose shares hit the 22.7% mark while HP came in second with 21.1%. Meanwhile, Dell’s market share stood at 15.5% but shipments did witness a 2.4% decline at the same time.

Apple seems to be on a roll with the biggest jump and that has led to an overall rise in shipments, the IDC confirmed. It seems like the company is going strong in 2024, especially after the launch of Apple Intelligence in iOS 18 which is set to debut this fall.

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