Microsoft and Apple Step Back from OpenAI Board Roles

Microsoft has decided to give up its position as an observer on the OpenAI board, a move that Apple is also reportedly considering. Initially, Microsoft took on this role to attend board meetings without voting rights or access to secret information.

Microsoft's decision, effective immediately, is seen as a significant change and has been acknowledged with thanks by OpenAI leaders. Meanwhile, Apple may also choose not to take up the observer role. Instead, OpenAI plans to keep in touch with Microsoft, Apple, and other partners like Thrive Capital and Khosla Ventures through regular meetings.

This new approach, led by CFO Sarah Friar, aims to maintain collaboration while addressing concerns raised by antitrust regulators in Europe, Britain, and the U.S. These regulators are worried about Microsoft's large investment in OpenAI, fearing it could lead to too much influence.

Despite these concerns, Microsoft's partnership has helped OpenAI grow, particularly through innovations like ChatGPT. This technology is expected to play a role in upcoming Apple Intelligence features for iOS 18, set to launch this fall.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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