WhatsApp Provides Greater Transparency To Group Chats With Enhanced Security Features

The popular texting platform WhatsApp is looking forward to providing users with greater transparency when it comes to its group chat invites.

The company mentioned how it would give greater knowledge to users about who the exact members are and what the real theme of the group is. This would allow people to make better decisions in terms of whether or not they should join.

Facebook’s parent firm just rolled out a few examples on this front including context cards that would feature notes on who the members are in the group and the creator, with more details such as when it was made with a brief description of what it's all about as well.

The goal is simple, to give users as much details as possible to avoid scams and spams or those where they might be in danger thanks to strangers who hope to make their malicious agendas successful.

This new feature comes at a time when the app is testing out new safety offerings that also give users the chance to report the situation and ensure everyone remains safe at all times.

The texting platform has witnessed an increase in activity in the group and that entails greater usage as a whole. Many users are less liable to post publicly and prefer to engage in matters that are more private in nature.

The fact that the texting platform is giving complete safety encryption for texts is another reason more people from various parts of the world are joining the app because they’re reassured that they will remain safe at all times.

Similarly, we’re seeing group chats transform into something more serious as far as spam is concerned, all thanks to the enhanced interest across the board. Such measures are designed to add more transparency to escape from scams.

The latest context notes feature for group chats will be launched to everyone in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

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