Google's Quest For Power: Company Tries Dirty Tactics To Dominate Search On iPhones But Is it Working?

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that Google’s hunger for power and dominance in the world of search has always been a top priority for the search giant.

It’s been trying to pull out all the stops to ensure more Safari users get onboard as well but the company might not have been too successful on that front.

On the other hand, the Google is also being targeted for a trial by the Justice Department that sheds light on the key relationship and possible deal entered with Apple. And now, we’re hearing more about how the company is pulling out all the stops to ensure users rely less on the Safari browser and more on itself as the outcome of the antitrust battle nears.

The current Justice Department case has to do with a silent but very lucrative deal featuring the iPhone maker getting a lot of funds so that Google could be the default search engine on the iPhone. On average, a payment of $20 billion is generated every year to retain such a status.

As one can expect, it’s a plain show of monopoly and a move that would negatively impact competition across the industry. While Apple is yet to be outlined as the main party in this case, we did see some of the tech giant’s executives testify during the trial.

The report today has explained how this firm wishes to enhance the share for searches through the iPhone, beyond Safari.

It’s a goal that Google has been wishing to attain for years just so it could better offer protection against a simple notion. And that's the chance to persuade owners of iPhone devices to make the switch to another app to conduct searches.

While Google is lifting the figures for searches carried out in this manner, it has confirmed that it’s got a long way to go as progress did end up coming to a standstill despite reaching 25%. And this has made Google upset as it’s way below the target it wished to attain by 2030.

The current agreement with Apple comes with a revenue-sharing clause. Apple gets a cut from ad revenue carried out via searches on Google in the Safari browser. By forcing users to Chrome and Google apps, the company is paying Apple fewer funds while making it less vulnerable to being regulated.

It’s a smart strategy but not one that has brought too much success for the search giant in recent times. The struggle continues in terms of making Google users utilize its own apps instead of Apple’s Safari. Remember, the latter is preinstalled on all iPhones.

The shocking new report has even proven how Google hired an ex-Instagram and Yahoo executive to overlook all the matters entailing a push far from Safari. A decision on this front includes restricting the AI Overviews to its own personalized apps. In the end, this would ensure users of Safari do not witness any AI Overviews while using Search but those making use of Google could but the decision to do so was never implemented.

This report is clear evidence that Google wants more iPhone users and it’s a mission that began years ago. They did not attain too much success and now, everyone’s eyes are on the current Antitrust Trial where a decision would soon come into play in a few months.

All of this reveals a dark side of Google which spends billions just to be the default choice of search engines across iOS. It’s being scrutinized for the act but that’s not stopping it.

The business of transforming into the first search engine choice of all Apple users is a struggle as is the goal of forcing more iPhone users to use Google apps.

The target is to move the 25% to 50% of searches carried out on iPhones which is double the figure right now. But along the way, using dirty tactics like locking AI-based features like Overviews to its own platforms and not having them seen on Safari is certainly an eye-opening effect of how low the search engine giant can go to get what it wants. Do you agree?

Image: DIW-Aigen

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