Biggest Password Leak In History: ‘RockYou2024’ Exposes 10 Billion Credentials And Gives Hackers Major Upper-Hand

Top security experts are speaking about a serious password leak incident that arose recently which may give hackers a huge advantage.

Dubbed RockYou2024, this ordeal exposed nearly 10 billion credentials of users and just might be awarded the biggest security breach attempt of all time.

The incident arose when a new user on a famous hacking forum published a file featuring 10 billion passwords that were compromised. This was noted by experts at Cybernews who published the news through a new report for the world to see.

Captioning his post with 'Xmas came early', the individual showcased a startling list featuring all the passwords compiled in a single place. It’s a huge and never-ending list that gives hackers an integral tool that can be taken advantage of.

For those who don’t know, this was done through the process of trial and error, which is known as a brute attack in the world of hacking. They use automated scripts to try out a wide array of passwords that can be breached in the shortest timespan imaginable.

The database of leaked credentials is huge and the pool of trying out passwords is certainly never-ending.

The compilation can now be used by others from all over the world and it just increases the risk of attacks where user credentials are needed. As one can imagine, this attack of a huge magnitude has never taken place before, breaking all former records seen in the past.

The user who is known as ObamaCare mentioned how he used the older lists and then updated that with the latest password leak information from the last couple of years. And this gave rise to more than 1.5 billion passwords getting included in the old compilation.

The list is new and huge and we are yet to be certain if more passwords have been added or not because, from the looks of it, it’s a massive incident that does not seem to be coming to a stop as the mission to includes more is a huge goal for this forum user.

If any user did end up signing up for such services online, they must assume that passwords they use are included in this list. Meanwhile, researchers from the world of cybersecurity have explained and added recommendations related to how users can remain safe including the use of multi-factor authentication methods whenever and wherever possible.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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