YouTube Is One of the Biggest Reasons Why Kids Get Influenced to Buy Products

Precise TV recently shared a report which highlighted that Youtube is influencing kids to buy different products. Kids watch Youtube videos the most (81%), followed by video on demand (62%) and video games (45%). Upon asking kids what their favorite content platform is. Youtube was the top most answered while video on demand like Tubi, Pluto TV, etc. were not much chosen. The report talked about how parents buy gifts for children according to what they are influenced about and most kids get influenced from Youtube videos.

31% of the kids said that Youtube gives them the best advertisements which help them get influenced by a product. 18% of the kids are influenced by Broadcast TV, 15% from TikTok, 14% from Youtube shorts and 12% of kids are influenced by ad supported video on demand. 53% of the kids can easily recall ads on Youtube while 23% can recall ads on Broadcast TV. But the kids who watch Youtube are twice as likely to ask for products they see on the ads than the kids who watch Broadcast TV.

As most of the kids watch Youtube with their parents or family members, 60% said that they are more likely to buy a product for their kid if they have watched it together with their child. 18% of the parents buy the product they see on an ad while watching Youtube by themselves. This is one of the reasons why advertisers do not want to skip Youtube while advertising their products.

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