Global Opinions on Single-Use Plastics Ban Revealed in Survey

Plastics are not only harmful for our environment but it is also extremely dangerous for living things like animals and humans. A new research also shows that plastic is broken down and is now found as microplastics in humans blood stream.

Ipsos conducted a survey of more than 24,000 respondents in 32 different countries to find out how much people agree to impose a ban on single use plastic. According to the results, 85% of the participants agreed that there should be a ban on single use plastic. Most respondents who agreed (97%) were from Indonesia, followed by Mexico (94%). 93% respondents from Uganda agreed that there should be a ban on unnecessary use of plastic products.

86% respondents each from France and UK were in the support of banning single use plastics. 83% respondents from Brazil and 82% from Denmark also shared the same thoughts. The percentage for people agreeing to ban single use plastic products was lower in India (76%), USA (73%) and Japan (60%). An average of 87% respondents said that it is important for the law makers to impose guidelines that would reduce the manufacturing of plastic products.

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