AV-Test Rates Top Android Security Apps: Avast, AVG, Bitdefender Lead

AV-Test evaluated 14 mobile security products for Android to find out which ones work the best. The security apps or products were used in their default settings with their latest versions. The research mostly focused on usability and malware detection of these security products on Android phones. Their performances and false positives were also evaluated.

The security products were evaluated through a scale of 1 to 6. Being awarded 6 meant outstanding, 3 was satisfactory and 0 was insufficient. Avast was awarded 6 points on protection, performance and usability. Same was the case with AVG, Bitdefender, ESET, F-secure, Google, Kaspersky, McAfee and Norton.

Avira and TotalAV were awarded 6 points on protection and performance but both got 5 points for usability. Protectstar got 5.5 points for protection, 6 for performance and 3 for usability. ShieldApps had 6 points for both performance and usability but got 5.5 points for protection. SOPHOS got 6 points for protection and performance. Its usability was given 5 points. Take a look at the chart below for more insights:

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