Tracking the Trackers: Which Domains Pose the Highest Privacy Threat?

Most of the domains on the internet contain web trackers which are known for tracking user-activities on websites for marketing purposes. These trackers come in the form of browser cookies, special scripts or tracking pixels. Many businesses use pixels because they want to track users to target them for advertisements. But sometimes these businesses also experience data breaches, exposing users' important information to cybercriminals. If you are an internet user, you should know which domain categories have the most web trackers.

The most web trackers are found in video hosting domains with 39,309,112,764 trackers blocked, as reported by Nordvpn. In other words video hosting sites have 28% of all web trackers. Nearly 13% of the web trackers on the internet are found on online storage platforms (18,407,476,312) and search engine domains (17,997,029,426) each. 12% of the web trackers are found on Email domains with 17,321,862,683 trackers blocked between January 1st 2024 to June 1st 2024.

Other domains with the most trackers include Shopping (5% of total with 6,687,603,282 trackers blocked), and Social Networks (4% and 6,190,274,743 trackers blocked). 4% of streaming domains also contain web trackers. 3% of news and online chatting domains each also have web trackers that can snoop on your web data which can get in the hands of scammers and cybercriminals (if they get hacked).

Web Tracker Report: Insights into Major Domains and Privacy Risks

Given these insights, taking steps such as using privacy-focused browser/settings and regularly clearing cookies can effectively protect against the risks posed by web trackers.

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