Top 8 Domains Categories Flooded With Intrusive Ads In 2024

Whenever you visit a website, you must have come across many intrusive ads. These intrusive ads are often annoying and make your web browsing experience super bad. Intrusive ads are the ones that pop-up randomly whenever you are surfing a website and you have to stop your business to close them up. When you click on them, they can lead you to additional browser tabs. Most of the time, these intrusive ads can lead you to malicious sites which can infect your device. According to NordVPN, there are top eight domain categories that have the most intrusive ads, possibly with malware.

Video hosting domains contain the most intrusive ads with 2,389,350,030 ads blocked between January 1,2024 to June 1,2024. Adult content domains also contain the most intrusive ads with 971,865,037 ads blocked this year. Other domains with most intrusive ads are advertisements (807,399,394), News (457,976,590) and Games (395,120,665) ads blocked this year.

The sixth domain with most intrusive ads is Shopping which has 320,961,854 ads blocked this year. Email also has many intrusive ads (199,963,734). The eighth domain with the most intrusive ads is the Financial domain with 138,840,411 ads blocked this year.

To mitigate the impact of these ads, users can install ad-blockers, keep their browsers and security software up to date, and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

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