Google’s Latest Dark Web Report Allows Users To See If Their Data Was Breached Online

It looks like Android maker Google is on a mission to help users check whether or not their personal data was breached online or not, thanks to a new and useful feature.

Dark Web report gives more insights about any data that was leaked on the internet, at any given point in time. Such a feature helps users scavenge the web to see if their data was indeed leaked including personal details like contact, name, date of birth, credit card information, and more.

The detailed report sheds light on what the user might not be aware of and how they would need to take immediate action if such an incident has taken place.

The only disadvantage is the fact that it’s not for free but will soon be up for grabs across different Google Accounts featuring the Google One Subscription.

9to5Google's report added how the Google One app actually unveils a banner that details more about the report feature getting removed by this month’s end. But that does not mean it won’t be up for grabs again. It’s just getting relocated so that more people can avail of its benefits.

There is an attached support page that makes it clear how the company would make plans to combine all of the results related to About You in the app and also so every user can make the most of it by this month’s end.

Protecting a user’s online activity is one of the most crucial and useful features in today’s day and age. After all, with hacking and scams taking the lead as we speak, having personal details leaked has become more common now than before and it’s alarming.

The support page is also adding more confirmations about how this new report wouldn’t need a membership for Google One soon after it’s rolled out into Google’s Results’ ‘about you’ component’ by this month’s end.

Users will get the chance to disable such features by going to the dashboard of the feature and deleting the option for profile monitoring. So as you can tell, Google’s really working hard to have the feature available to all so they can benefit from enhanced security across the board.

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