X Receives Intense Backlash For Allowing Adult Content As Indonesia All Set To Shut Down App

Elon Musk’s bold decision to have adult content posted on the X app seems to be backfiring.

Critics have already frowned upon the decision and now Indonesia is going as far as to shut down the platform as a whole.

The news comes after a press briefing was conducted by the Indonesia communications minister that explained on Friday how the majority of the nation practiced Islam and such content went against their religious thoughts and beliefs.

The country that hosts the most Muslims from all over the globe had strict rules that barred sharing such material that it referred to as obscene. Furthermore, the minister warned X through a letter how such behavior was unacceptable and therefore they were left with no choice but to ban the app.

For those who might not be aware, the country already has a strict law in place that bans the spread of explicit content and enforces a jail sentence on those doing so.

His comments arose after the app updated policies that gave permission for such content to be promoted with consent.

For now, Musk is staying hush on the highly controversial matter and has therefore failed to generate a response on this front. Before the final ban, the minister confirmed how they would continue to send more such written material in this regard before confirming the closure around the country.

X did not comment on the request left out by several media outlets but from what we can see, with millions of users in this densely populated nation, it can have some serious impacts as per reports from business outlet Statista.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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