Dark Side Of X Revealed: New Content Policy Allows Adult Content But Here’s How You Can Opt Out

Elon Musk’s X platform raised more eyebrows after a recent policy change gave the green signal to adult content on the app.

This means all x-rated material produced through AI will now be allowed with a few terms and conditions. And that includes if it was generated with consent and distributed by obtaining permission.

Seeing X venture into the dark side of the web at a time when regulators are doing everything they can to prevent such explicit material from exploiting users, especially minors is certainly shocking.

X changed the adult content policies and shared through the platform how it was going to deal with sexually themed material from today as the policy has come into effect immediately.

Before Musk took ownership, we saw Twitter have its own policy on this front. The recent update has gone on to formalize the policy and encourage users to highlight which content is adult-themed and then go about acknowledging how much material ends up fitting in.

The policy added how the company strongly feels that all users should have the right to produce and distribute this kind of material that has to do with x-rated themes, if and when consent for this behavior has been attained.

They also shed light on how it had more to do with adult user autonomy as such acts would enable people to engage and produce material that’s more in line with their beliefs and principles and also their thoughts about sexuality in general.

The main point worth mentioning here is how all such material was made and distributed after getting consent. There is even a follow-up policy that goes on to mention how the app determines if and how this kind of content is produced as it deals with some important steps regarding AI content creation.

This happens to be a part of X’s policy at the moment. But before critics get out of hand in terms of how wrong of an act this is, the company has also mentioned that any individual found guilty of producing or publishing such material without attaining consent would be prohibited from sharing material on the platform.

This included specific clauses highlighting the exploitation and sexualizing of minors that has been a subject of debate for years. Some guardrails that are being taken by X on this front include users not being able to share adult material inside profile pictures. Meanwhile, users below 18 who don’t have birthdays listed in their profile demographics will not be able to witness this kind of content online.

But if you are indeed 18 and wish to opt out of this kind of sensitive act, you may adjust settings to reflect so.

Thankfully, users who wish to opt out of this shocking stance taken up by X may do so by following a series of steps. We’ve outlined them for you below. Remember, all that needs to be done is adjustments to the sensitive settings so such explicit material never pops up during the user experience.

Open the app and head over to your profile. Once that’s done, go to the settings and then Privacy and safety tab. After that, open up the Content you see section and uncheck the box which says "Display media that may contain sensitive content".

Any sensitive content could be hidden from the user’s search history by altering the search settings and clicking on the box that states, ‘hide sensitive material’. And that’s it, you’ll be safe and can now enjoy using the platform as before.

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