Samsung Overtakes Apple To Reach Top Spot In Smartphone Sales

A new study is shedding light on the US smartphone market sales and as per recently published data from the CIRP, it looks like South Korean tech giant Samsung is on a roll.

The company managed to outsell its top rival in the industry, which is iPhone maker Apple, attaining the highest share in the US market today.

Last year, we saw Samsung ship out more products to the US but Apple still had the majority when it came down to sales, owing to the higher sellout of top-of-the-range models from the company.

The latest report looked at figures for sales from April last year to March of 2024. We aren’t very surprised that Samsung took the majority in 2024 but it’s nice to know that the lead was not too great as Apple was trailing close behind.

As per the data, Samsung’s devices managed to grab 38% of the mobile market share while Apple came second with 33%. In third place was Motorola with 13% while the term ‘other’ came in with 10% of the majority. In last place, it was Android maker Google who failed to impress with just a 6% share of the overall market.

When you look at things a little deeper, the results proved how Apple was churning out more revenue when compared to others in the industry, despite selling fewer mobile units than its South Korean archrival in America.

Most of the iPhone sales were said to belong to the Cupertino firm’s flagship devices which is much greater than Samsung’s flagship products which stood at 42% as compared to Apple’s 64%.

For those still wondering what the term flagship means here, the CIRP defines it as those models currently in use from the company’s family. So for Apple that would be the iPhone 15 while Samsung would be S23 and S24, their Flip, or their Fold products.

Meanwhile, the report highlighted how the SE iPhone and those older make up one-third of the company’s sales in the US. But we can confirm how the reverse is also true for its arch-rival Samsung who is not only said to be more affordable in cost but its older variants make up a staggering 60% of the American market share for sales.

Still, Apple selling more premium products in America than Samsung is something worth noting.

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