Google’s Imperfect Search Algorithm: Company Acknowledges Its Flawed Ranking Systems But Is That Enough?

Google Search is not getting a lot of love recently after users have been complaining left and right about the poor quality of results.

Recently, the company’s own SearchLiaison was put in the spotlight after a popular post on X questioned where the company was headed with a ranking system full of imperfections.

Responding to the plea, he acknowledged webmasters' concerns about the company’s reviews algorithm performing poorly and how there was a lot of room for improvement. This included what the tech giant was doing to enhance its position on this front better and prevent websites from being rewarded that shouldn’t have received ranking to start with.

The tweet on X that began the entire fiasco came in the form of an exchange about how many websites were getting ranked highly on the algorithm despite falling short of the company’s guidelines.

The fact that the sites were getting the best rankings for half a year despite failing to share original content and research was alarming to some and many asked what it took to reach the top of the charts on the world’s leading search engine. And from what users were saying, those who managed to excel with marketing material at the backend rose more swiftly than others.

The response from Google was simple, it mentioned how its algorithm was far from ideal. Moreover, SearchLiaison added how he likes to go through feedback rolled out to the company and then indulges in discussions with experts on the Search team.

More light was drawn on how trillions of websites keep getting scaled automatically. He agreed with the tweeter and mentioned how the goal at the end of the day was to reward all content that was more in line with the firm’s guidance.

Google says it wants to reward and give credit to those who deserve it. This includes those rolling out updates for product reviews and hence actually using the good or service before generating recommendations to others.

But at the same time, he explained how the matter for debate right now is not something they haven’t heard of before. Google’s ranking systems are not ideal and they never call it perfect. The challenge continues daily in terms of what content should get rewarded and what shouldn’t.

The company adds that there are no separate human reviewers that determine whether the content is great or if there’s room for change. It just does not seem to work in that manner.

Having trillions of pages to index each day is a challenge and systems are scaled so they need to keep on being used and improved like an ongoing process that does not remain static.

Google concluded by stating how they are very well aware of the issues in the debate here and that they do take feedback seriously. To sum up the words being said by Google’s representative, we’ve highlighted the key pointers for you below.

Google does agree that the algorithm must reward and give credit where it’s due and where content is best in sync with its guidelines. Secondly, current systems used for ranking pages need improvements so that the right content is rewarded and the wrong ones featuring inappropriate content are not.

Thirdly, the company makes use of scaled systems for ranking and they are committed to working on criticism and feedback to better enhance the algorithm in use today. Lastly, analysis is done around the clock to better determine what requires attention and how rankings can be enhanced.

Now the question is why it’s taking Google so long to find a solution when the problem has been in existence for years. After all, thousands of website owners are far from impressed about where the company is headed.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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