Gamelight: Redefining Mobile Game Marketing with AI

Mobile game developers face big challenges in standing out in a crowded market. Traditional marketing strategies often don’t reach the right audience or generate enough engagement. There is a strong need for a more accurate, data-driven approach to digital marketing.

Developers not only need to attract players but also keep them engaged over time. The old method of broadcasting ads to a wide audience often wastes money and brings low returns. User acquisition costs are high, and keeping players is hard. With so many games out there, it’s tough for any single game to get noticed.

The Solution: Personalised AI

Rewarded marketing platform Gamelight addresses the core challenges of mobile game marketing by leveraging advanced AI and data analytics to create highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns. These are the benefits of using AI in digital marketing:

Precision Targeting:
Gamelight's AI algorithms analyse vast amounts of user data to identify and target specific audience segments that are most likely to engage with a game. This precision targeting ensures that marketing efforts reach the right players, reducing waste and increasing the likelihood of attracting high-quality users.

Cost-Effective User Acquisition: Traditional marketing strategies often result in high user acquisition costs with low return on investment (ROI). Gamelight's AI optimises ad spend by focusing on users who are likely to install the game and also engage with it over the long term. This approach significantly lowers acquisition costs and maximises ROI.

Enhanced User Engagement and Retention: Attracting users is only part of the challenge; keeping them engaged is crucial for long-term success. Gamelight’s AI continually analyses user behaviour to refine and personalise marketing messages, thereby enhancing user experience and retention rates. Personalised marketing ensures that players receive content that is relevant and engaging, keeping them interested in the game.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Gamelight’s platform provides game developers with actionable insights derived from extensive data analysis. These insights help developers understand user preferences and behaviours, allowing for more informed decision-making. This data-driven approach ensures that marketing strategies are continuously optimised for better performance.

Scalability and Adaptability: The mobile gaming market is dynamic, with trends and user preferences changing rapidly. Gamelight’s AI is designed to adapt to these changes, continuously learning and evolving to stay ahead of market trends. This adaptability ensures that marketing campaigns remain effective even as the market evolves.

Case Study: JOYCITY

An example of Gamelight’s AI at work is its collaboration with the South Korean app publisher JOYCITY on two of their hit tiles. For Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, the goal was to achieve a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 26% by day 30 in Japan and the UK. Gamelight’s platform exceeded these targets, delivering an ROAS of 38.71% and a 213% growth from day 7 to day 30 in Japan, and an ROAS of 35.6% with a 142% growth from day 7 to day 30 in the UK.

Similarly, the campaign for World War: Machines Conquest achieved remarkable results. In Japan and South Korea, there was a ROAS growth of 257.61% from day 7 to day 30, and in the UK, there was a 230.20% growth. By leveraging detailed data analysis and targeted marketing strategies, Gamelight met and significantly surpassed the marketing objectives for both games. The partnership with JOYCITY demonstrates how Gamelight’s AI approach can drive substantial growth and success in mobile game marketing.

Future Vision

Gamelight keeps innovating, improving its algorithms and expanding its data to stay ahead of market trends. Looking ahead, Gamelight aims to personalise user experiences further and drive even higher engagement and retention rates.

The future of mobile game marketing is in understanding and predicting user behaviour accurately. Gamelight's ongoing investment in AI technology and data analytics puts it in a great position to lead this change. By constantly enhancing its platform, Gamelight aims to provide even more effective and efficient marketing solutions, helping game developers succeed in a competitive market.

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