WhatsApp Begins Limited Testing For Meta's Latest AI Llama Model Selection

The last WhatsApp beta for Android was last seen speaking about the popular platform’s decision to begin limited testing of Meta AI in different nations.

The new trial was designed to explore the response of users to the latest Meta AI interface after its integration with search. Since it’s just an experiment, the feature was limited to a small number of users, and their privacy was said to be preserved.

Now, we’re hearing more on that front and how the new update is linked to enhancing Meta AI via more modern models as shown in the new update for WhatsApp beta. This new offering puts the latest Meta Llama in the spotlight where users get to select which model to make use of through the platform.

The rollout is going to be scheduled for release soon but we can confirm how the feature is intended to impact all AI chats as revealed in the description.

Right now, the option for default is Llama 3-70B but there are reports about previews for 3-405B getting offered so that more complex prompts might be used soon. After reaching this limit, users can continue with chats through the default variant.

Image: Wabetainfo.

We feel such changes can give rise to users attaining more control of AI-based conversations by selecting a model of their preference, all depending on what their requirements might be. It’s like a flexibility for customization.

If you want to use the default model for fast and simple prompts, you can. But if you’re looking for something a little more complex, you can use the newer version on display to attend to your challenging prompts as it’s more advanced.

So the rule of thumb is the default for everyday use while the modern version is for advanced offerings and intricate tasks to get the greatest assistance.

For now, the option to select which Meta AI Llama model users can utilize is being developed and we can confirm how it’s going to be available to all as a part of a future update. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you in the loop of when that happens.

As far as this update is concerned, the fact that WhatsApp is giving users more variety in terms of selecting their AI model of preference based on their tasks’ complexity means greater convenience and more improvements for Meta AI in the future.

On the other side, critics raise concerns over potential privacy risks and data security, citing Meta's past controversies regarding privacy practices and user data handling. They argue that the integration could exacerbate these issues.

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