Meta, Amazon, Apple Most Impersonated in Phishing Scams: Study

Cybercriminals are currently running rampant, trying their best to generate and distribute phishing scams, as per a recently published study.

The research speaks about which tech giants are amongst the most impersonated in this regard and from what we can see, Meta, Amazon, and Apple lead the pack.

The study by MailSuite sheds light on which companies continue to be targeted between January 2022 and March 2024. Meta's Facebook for instance has received more than 10,000 attempts in around two years span where scammers try their best to impersonate the company to get more out of it.

The threat actors involved are really doing wonders in terms of making sure their moves don’t get noticed as fake, leading to so many falling into the trap.

Further more, scammers have impersonated Microsoft 4,518 times, with PayPal being imitated 4,111 times. Meanwhile, when you look outside the US, it was a top mobile brand from Japan called "au by KDDI" that led the pack in terms of being scammed over and over again.
As per MailtSuite, near to 25% of phishing scams linked to impersonation entail those names which had to do with IT and tech sector. Meanwhile, banking and the finance sector were not left behind, coming in a close second position.

This analysis was based on phishing reports that served as scams getting listed across Phish Tank which is a top name in terms of impersonation attempts.

Experts urge industry professionals to rigorously verify emails to avoid phishing scams that prompt clicking on malicious links and sharing personal information.

Clicking on links in phishing emails can install ransomware, leading to data theft over time. It's crucial to verify emails to distinguish legitimate messages from scams.

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