Apple Finally Embraces RCS in Latest iOS 18 Update

Tech giant Apple has just rolled out RCS support for Messages on iOS 18.

The company shared the glad tidings with users yesterday and how this new standard would soon be replacing the classic SMS that’s deemed to be the default means of communication amongst Android as well as Apple phones.

The decision is certainly a major one after the company faced mega backlash and scrutiny from regulators who asked the company to do more so that others could find it simpler to communicate.

That’s all that we know so far in regards to the release and how iOS 18 users can benefit from it. To find out more, we dragged ourselves to the company’s website which reveal what the upcoming release is going to appear like on devices.

The text field would entail RCS that shows you’ve attained connectivity. Meanwhile, the rest would remain the same and is deemed to be the usual standard with nothing new being observed.

In case you did not know, those with the usual iOS and Android devices have trouble messaging and when they do, it tends to fall upon SMS. Meanwhile, all images and videos are rolled out at poorer quality while the texts are shortened. And if that does not sound daunting enough, the chats have no E2E encryption like that witnessed across iMessage.

All texts seen on Android devices pop up in green bubbles and it’s just a little chaotic for so many people.

RCS was first rolled out as the key replacement for SMS. It gave rise to plenty of offers including read recipients and typing field indicators that enable users to generate long texts and provide more support for pictures and videos featuring better quality.

So as one can imagine, it’s quite similar to iMessage. Today, this is deemed to be a standard tool for Android devices as American wireless carriers fully take on the ordeal nearly five years ago.

But when it came down to Apple joining hands, it refused to do so and just behaved in the most stubborn manner imaginable and withheld any support in this regard.

Beginning with the iOS 18 device, some of the iMessage-like offerings would be seen through cross-app conversations. We would also witness pressure campaigns getting rolled out from Google and Samsung’s end.

Apple mentioned last year in November how it would include RCS support by next year. However, the timing in this regard is not a huge coincidence. We saw the Cupertino firm’s rollout very similar in effort as one trying to win the support of regulators across the European Union.

For now, we’re all going to breathe a huge sigh of relief in this regard. We want to know that this change is here to stay and so far, that’s exactly what Apple has aimed for, despite years of trolling and backlash for stubborn behavior.

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